We are reuniting families, creating a national community of leaders who have experienced incarceration, and working with groups across the country to transform harmful systems to keep our people safe and free.

We work to end systems of mass incarceration and support our communities.

We work with groups all over the country on Mother’s Day to bail out as many Black Mamas and caregivers as we can, provide supportive services and fellowship opportunities for those we bail out and organize to end money bail and pretrial detention.nd support our communities.

Get Involved

National Bail Out is a Black-led and Black-centered collective of abolitionist organizers, lawyers and activists building a community-based movement to support our folks and end systems of pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration. We are people who have been impacted by cages — either by being in them ourselves or witnessing our families and loved ones be encaged. We are queer, trans, young, elder, and immigrant.

Get Educated

Download our Transformative Bail Curriculum and host a political education session with your community.

Get to Work

Download our “Until Freedom Comes: Comprehensive Bail Out Toolkit” to learn how you can plan your own bail out!

This toolkit provides an overview of the bailout process; answers to frequently asked questions about bail and bail reform; a step by step guide on how to develop a bail out and supportive services plan; communications and fundraising tips; reflections on what happens after you post bail; and resources for those interested in leveraging their bail outs to advocate for the end of money bail.

We ask that you if you choose to utilize this toolkit to do your own bail out, you shout us out in your accompanying language and materials. Ex. National Bail Out’s Until Freedom Comes Toolkit was utilized in the creation of this bailout action.