This year Free Black Mama's Fellowship begins with a 8-week program that explores the experience of Black mamas around the U.S. and provides an opportunity for Black mamas to devise solutions and cast vision together for the future of their communities.


In August 2018, the National Bail Out (NBO) collective launched the #FreeBlackMamas Fellowship, where 20 previously bailed out mamas and caregivers participated in an 8-week paid fellowship that included in-person political education and organizing sessions as well as interactive group webinars, culminating at the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls FreeHer Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, the mamas and caregivers were able to commune, host a workshop and share their experiences of being Black mamas/caregivers bailed out by the collective on the closing plenary.

“What’s it like to be a Black mama or caregiver in your community?”

“How can we keep our community out of cages?"

"What do we need to keep our communities safe?”

During the #FreeBlackMamas fellowship, Black mamas and caregivers explore these guiding questions together and begin to ideate solutions. Our fellowship is rooted in community and the recognition that bail out actions are temporary interventions — guided by the visionary leadership of Je Nae’ Taylor of the Gilda Papoose Collective (an NBO member organization), National Bail Out has continued the work by engaging and developing the leadership of those we bail out to lead the movement to end money bail, pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.

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NBO is advancing the possibility for Black liberation and empowering incarcerated communities

Our approach is about providing an opportunity for the mamas and caregivers we bail out to be in political community, to cast vision together as women who have been directly impacted by cages, and to develop their leadership to fight for abolition and the collective liberation of our communities.

We get this done by:
  • Empowering incarcerated communities through possibility-making and creation of audio, visual and written art pieces that reflect their perspective and experiences
  • Connecting Black mamas and caregivers from around the country
  • Uplifting and protection of the families, parents, artists, and their labors
  • Providing a paid fellowship experience

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