What is #FreeBlackMamas?

#FreeBlackMamas is an annual campaign by National Bail Out seeking to raise awareness about the human and financial costs of money bail and emphasize its impact on Black mothers and caregivers. Every year since 2017, we’ve coordinated tactical bail outs nationwide – called #BlackMamasBailOuts – to free Black mamas and caregivers so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families where they belong.

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The 2019 Black Mama's Bail Out Was a Huge Success!

This year, thanks to the support of more than 17,000 individual donations, we raised more than $1 million and bailed out 123 Black mamas and caregivers in 37 cities. These funds go directly towards #BlackMamasBailOuts and supportive services for Black mamas and caregivers like:

  • Sustainable housing

  • Transportation

  • Legal clinics and counsel to help Black mamas and caregivers beat their cases

  • Skill sharing to help with job placement

  • Buying groceries

  • Childcare

Watch the recap webinar with the NBO team for an in-depth look at the success of #FreeBlackMamas this year.

Why is #FreeBlackMamas so important?

When mothers languish in jail because they can’t afford money bail, our families and communities suffer. Women and caregivers often lose their jobs, housing or even children only to be found innocent. Some, like Sandra Bland and Layleen Polanco, have even lost their lives. The cost to the children Black women and caregivers nurture, the partners they love and the communities they hold is incalculable.

The strategies, organizing and policy proposals of National Bail Out are driven by a shared goal of abolishing pretrial detention, and thus money bail, to actualize a vision of abolition.

Since 2017, we’ve bailed out over 450 people and helped provide supportive services and other support to keep them out.

The prison industrial complex is an interconnected system of institutions that criminalize, punish, surveil, and incarcerate people based on hierarchies and social power.

Greedy corporate opportunists have created an unaccountable and unnecessary $2 billion bail industry to profit from taking away people’s freedom. The money bail system fuels mass incarceration and disproportionately impacts Black and low-income communities. Black folks are often accused and jailed based on discriminatory and racially-biased policies and monitoring. 

Every year, millions of people are coerced into paying money bail after they’re arrested just to remain free while their cases are processed.

The work of #FreeBlackMamas is radically disrupting the criminal legal system. Our abolitionist framework honors the historic tradition of Black people freeing one another by buying each other’s freedom, and we won’t stop until freedom comes for all of our folks.