In Response to the COVID-19 Crisis, We’re Starting Black Mama’s Bail Out Early

We understand that those who are the most vulnerable to the impacts of coronavirus, and to the lack of governmental infrastructure or care to contain it, are those who exist at the margins of our society as a result of systemic oppression. We also know that Black folks, particularly those caged, are especially vulnerable to illness and even death during this time of novel outbreak.

People who are incarcerated cannot practice social distancing inside a cage. Yet even in the midst of international crisis, society’s instinct is to continue to criminalize and punish under the guise of public health.

That’s why we are taking action to free our folks in solidarity with the demands and bold actions by members of the National Bail Out collective and comrades across the nation to (1) free people from jails, prisons and detention centers and (2) to end the criminalization, arrest and detention of our people during this pandemic (3) for people to have access to safe, non-punitive health care and housing.

These bail outs will happen across the nation in the DMV; Fayetteville, NC;  Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; Jackson, MS; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, PA;  East St. Louis, IL; and more cities, led by organizations including #FreeBlackMamasDMV, Fayetteville Police Accountability Committee, Essie Justice Group, Women On the Rise, People’s Advocacy Institute, United Congregation of Metro East, and Dignity Act Now.

National Bail Out stands firmly in the demand that our people be released from cages to #FlattenTheCurve and be provided with safe non-punitive housing options and care, while carrying our Black queer feminist mandate to center those who have been historically marginalized and harmed by anti-Black racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism, resulting in their criminalization and caging.

We believe in multi-tactical organizing for us to survive, to thrive and to win. These bail outs are a tactic. Our demands are a tactic. Holding elected officials accountable for their actions in this crisis is a tactic. The provision of mutual aid to those in cages and to your neighbors is a tactic. We need all of these tactics now, more than ever.

We will be sharing more about what’s coming in the days ahead. We are here. We are breaking open cages again. Black love will continue to get them out.

Make a donation to National Bail Out today to bring Black Mamas and caregivers home today.